About us

Kirsten Meyers started her photography career in the east bay area of San Francisco. After opening Treasured Portraits, in Knoxville, in April 1993, Kirsten realized that photography was her passion. Her desire to create unique portraits that captured true emotion through different expressions and relaxed poses continue to keep her excited about going to the studio every day! Professional photography is a constantly changing art. Kirsten eagerly continues her education by attending numerous seminars, workshops and professional schools every year. Kirsten’s knowledge of her craft is reflected in every portrait. Her professionalism with her clients and her ability to make people feel comfortable continue to make Kirsten, Marion County’s leading photographer.

Josie McKay is an award winning photographer with more than fifteen years of experience. Born and raised in Knoxville, Josie developed an interest in photography at an early age. She studied photography at Hawkeye Community College, which offers one of the most noted photography programs in the country. At Hawkeye, Josie perfected her skills and learned a wide variety of photography techniques including advanced computer editing and design, which emerged as one of her specialties. Today, we are pleased to have Josie as one of our associate photographers on the Treasured Portraits team where she specializes in digital art, marketing & Design.